RD Management Signs Burlington and Sprouts at Tampa’s RITHM@Uptown

October 28, 2021

RD Management LLC, one of the nation’s largest privately held real-estate development and management organizations, today announced the lease signing of Sprouts Farmers Market and the relocation of Burlington at its massive, 100-acre urban, mixed-use development project, RITHM@Uptown in Tampa, Florida.

The neighborhood retail portion of the urban mixed-use, development now includes:

  • 49,912-square-foot Burlington scheduled to open in late 2022/early 2023
  • 23,218-square-foot Sprouts Farmers Market scheduled to open in late 2022/early 2023
  • ±30,000 square-foot premises for one or more tenants

“Adding Sprouts to the tenant mix and relocating a highly successful Burlington to a new building to be constructed at RITHM@Uptown,” states Christopher M. Bowen, Chief Development Strategist at RD Management, “is a great validation of the work that many people have done together over the past several years in building our Uptown story and legacy.”

“Today isn’t just about welcoming a great green grocery and a highly successful, value-based, department store to RITHM@Uptown – it’s about celebrating the fact that a lot of great things are continuing to happen here in Uptown.” Bowen continues, “The best attributes of our urban community are coming to light, the Fowler corridor is being reimagined and revitalized as a walkable and bike-friendly, urban boulevard, with a vibrant, mixed-use, neighborhood and plentiful housing and lifestyle options in the making, and finally, all of that is being married with the successes of our top-20, public research university, our world-class Medical Research District, and a rapidly growing Immersive Arts & Technologies community.”

In addition to this great news, Tampa !p and RITHM@Uptown will be hosting the !p’s 7th Annual Innovation Gathering on October 28 at 5:00 PM in the West Wing of the development, adjacent to the VU Studio XR production complex. The event will bring together local tech, art, and innovative professionals for a night full of presentations including from keynote speaker and author Margaret O’Mara, a “Taste of Uptown”, presentation of several major innovation awards, including the Jack Kolosky Healthcare Innovator Award, and more. Immediately following that event at 7:30 PM, a Blockchain, Crypto, and Immersive Arts & Technologies After Party, called “Kollidescope: A LOOK into the RITHMverse” will launch at the recently opened LOOK Dine-In Cinemas with celebrity guest star, DJ Fresh, who will be opening a recording studio at RITHM@Uptown early in 2022, and a FazerBear immersive visuals presentation by the artist Gregg Perkins, and students from the University of Tampa Film School. Tickets for both events can be purchased on EventBrite.

RITHM@Uptown is a multi-story, mixed-use urban neighborhood development showcasing life sciences and technology research facilities; retail and entertainment; medical specialties, clinics, and pavilions; corporate offices and co-working spaces; and much more. Once complete, RITHM@Uptown will be one of the largest, mixed-use innovation communities in the state with capacity for over 7 million square feet of development, including several thousand residential units. The development currently has nearly $100 million in new development and infrastructure projects under construction, and


over the past 12 months has opened new headquarters locations and related spaces for the USF Institute of Applied Engineering, Diamond View Studios’ Vu Technologies XR production campus, and most recently, the national FitTech industry company, Endorphinz.

RITHM@Uptown’s University Mall community & tech accelerator welcomes approximately 281,000 visitors a month, and is estimated to exceed 3.5 million visitors by the end of 2021. To put it into perspective how significant this is for the Uptown Community, Busch Gardens Tampa’s attendance was 4.18 million in 2019.

RD Management owns 15 properties in Florida and has more than 150+ properties in its national portfolio. Those interested in leasing space at RITHM@Uptown can contact Bradley Schwartz at (212) 265-6600 x298 or bschwartz@rdmanagement.com.

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